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Release 2022.20 is here! 

The database has grown again, with new models and systems in both CARS and TRUCKS software. Focus has been on service related systems. A bunch of new vehicles has been added. Especially electric vehicles. You will get access to a lot of new ADAS related systems on all kind of vehicle types. You can read more about that further down.

CARS release 2022.20 highlights

TRUCKS release 2022.20 highlights

The new release is now automatically available for all users with a valid license for CARS and/or TRUCKS software. Go to the blue icon with an "i" shown in the top right area of your software and chose to install update.  

Should you need to you can also download it on our website:


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VAG in Autocom Secure Gateway


Vehicles from VAG are now icluded in Autocom Secure Gateway. This is a big thing for us and for all workshops using Autocom diagnostics. It will now be possible to access and work with some of the locked systems on brands like Audi, Seat, Volkswagen, Škoda and more. You will initially be able to access brake related systems on several models of the above mentioned brands. We will continuously increase the number of models and systems in Autocom Secure Gateway. 

One of the biggest advantages of Autocom Secure Gateway is that Autocom takes care of all the paperwork and registrations toward the vehicle manufacturers. This can sometimes be both tricky, boring and time consuming. With Autocom, the workshops only have to register to one place - Autocom Secure Gateway Portal. And that is a one time registration only, made in a few minutes.

Autocom Secure Gateway is available free of charge for all users that has an ICON with valid license for CARS software. 

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