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Release News 2024.00

First release of the year is expected in the end of April and has a lot of good stuff in it. 
Here are some of the new and helpful functionalities. 

* Volvo and Polestar are added to Secure Gateway (included if you have a valid CARS Plus or Pro license)
* a much easier and fully integrated Secure Gateway solution for Renault (included if you have a valid CARS Pro license)
* a new button to the Secure Gateway Portal login
* possibility to see if someone  from the same company is logged in to the Secure Gateway portal 
* information about the limited functionalities that occur if the software turns invalid
* a new information bar in the software, with new icons for the battery status, for showing the connection status, and one        that informs if you have any news to read

Besides that, there are a lot of updates on database content on new and old vehicles, new models, year models and systems. For more detailed information see below. 

Read more about Release 2024.00

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Highlights Release 2024.00

Release 2024.00 is also filled with plenty of vehicle updates on both new and old models. This means that you will be able to perform service and repair on many more vehicles. 
Release 2024.00 is automatically available for all users with a valid CARS and/or TRUCKS software license.

Highlights for CARS

CARS has been increased by 697 unique systems, with 12 brand new vehicle models and lots more. That means that you have a total access to over 41,400 systems and 1,417 models on 38 brands.

Click the button below to see the complete CARS Highlights.

CARS Highlights

Highlights for TRUCKS

TRUCKS has been increased by 355 unique systems, with 8 brand new vehicle models. That means that you have a total access to over 19,200 systems and 768 models on 81 brands. 

Click the button below to see the complete TRUCKS Highlights.

TRUCKS Highlights

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Valid licenses - a must for every serious workshop 

Vehicle workshops with not updated diagnostic software is not able to perform safe and sustainable service and repair jobs. They risk doing inaccurate services as well as limiting their own cash flow. The reason is that invalid licenses from January 1st 2024 have limited functionality. Why do we do that? 

Our cooperation with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) have increased and thereby also the security measures of our diagnostic solutions. Neither OEM, nor we want workshops to use old information. Secure Gateway is one clear example of that. It is important that workshops perform vehicle service and repair in a serious, responsible and sustainable way so that they hand over safe vehicles back to the owners. Because we all want to get our loved ones safely back from the roads.

Make sure that your diagnostic software license is valid at all times! 
Contact a distributor to keep your license valid. 

Update your licence! Contact a distributor.

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