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CARS Release 2023.00 Highlights

A really good release update is on its way to you. You always get a good database growth, updates on service related matters and ADAS. But there are also new functions and new brands, such as Tesla.
While waiting for the release, here are some highlights.

Some smooth functionalities:

• A possibility to initiate a license update directly in the software. (Read more about it in the end of this newsletter.)
• A link to TeamViewer QuickSupport has been added.
• The Scan function has become even faster.

Vehicle related highlights:

• Audi Q4 – Disconnect/connect of high voltage system.
• Audi A4, A6, A7, A8, e-tron, Q5, Q8 – Brake bleeding function.
• KIA EV6 and other electric models are added.
• Mercedes Benz EQS SUV, EQE SUV, GLC, T-Class – New models.
• Tesla Model S and Model X!
• Toyota Updated coverage for transmissions.
• Volkswagen ID.3, ID.4, ID.5 – Disconnect/conntect of high voltage system.

TRUCKS Release 2023.00 Highlights.jpg

TRUCKS Release 2023.00 Highlights

The vehicle database is increased on several different brands, models and systems. We have added calibrations, activations, battery replacement, new systems and more. We have also here added the possibility to initiate a license update directly in the software. (Read more about it in the end of this newsletter.)

Here are some of the vehicle related highlights:

• Allison Gen 4 – Calibrations.
• DAF XF, XG, XG+ 2022 -> – 12 new systems, ECAS suspension calibration and engine PCI-2 calibrations and test.
• Evobus CityBus and Intouro 2022 – New systems.
• Iveco Daily 7 –  Activations on several systems, ECM functions.
• MAN TG Generation 3 – Calibration of side radar system, new systems.

MANAGE Your LICENSE Release 2023.00.jpg

Manage your licenses directly in the diagnostic software

Imagine yourself being a hard working mechanic at your own workshop. You are a super skilled mechanic who loves to help customers with their vehicles. It is not rare that you continue working on the vehicles several hours after closing time. Your partner at home is not very happy, but used to it. As long as you bring some flowers every now and then.

But you have one little problem. You are not very good at paper work. Actually, you hate it. You have therefore also forgotten to update your software. But now you notice that you cannot access important functions in the software and realize that you probably need to update the license. You cannot find the latest invoice so you have no idea who you paid the last time. Who should you contact?
No problems! In the upcoming Release 2023.00 you will be able to contact your distributor directly in the diagnostic software. You will not need to keep track of who they are, or how to get in touch with them. The software will help you and your update request will be taken care of by the distributor.

This will help you with the license matter. But, you will still need to remember those flowers to your partner by yourself.

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