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Sneak peek 2024 

A new year with new possibilities. We hope that 2024 has started out nicely for you and that the year looks bright and promising. Maybe we can enlighten you a bit more with some sneak peeks of what to expect from Autocom in 2024.

During 2024 we introduce new products, new licences, new frequent release process and more. Here are some really nice things that you can look forward to in 2024:

● New product Autocom AVILOO - testing the status on high-voltage vehicle batteries to ensure better vehicle deals.

● Welcoming Volvo and Polestar that soon will be added to our Secure Gateway solution. They will all be included for all users with a valid CARS Pro and CARS Plus license.

● Also welcoming Renault that soon will be added to our Secure Gateway solution. It will be included for all users with a valid CARS Pro license.

● You will be able to meet Autocom at Automechanika in Frankfurt, Germany in September.

● We will attend a lot of local events and happenings in many different countries together with our fine distributors.

Information about new licenses is on its way and the updated release process will follow.
Hope to see you in some way during the year!

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Tester for used electric vehicle batteries - Autocom AVILOO

Do you need to know the status of a used vehicle´s high voltage battery?

It is well known that batteries degrade over time. The high voltage batteries in electric- or hybrid vehicles are no exception. And when it comes to vehicles, a worn battery can be very expensive to replace. It is therefore of interest to know the battery´s actual status before making a decision to buy or sell such a vehicle.

Let´s say you are a used car dealer, thinking about to trade in an electric or hybrid vehicle. Or maybe you are "the average John", about to buy such a vehicle from a car dealer. Either way, you will make a better car deal if you know the status of the vehicle´s battery.

The solution is Autocom AVILOO. A tester specialised to check the current status of high voltage batteries in used vehicles. This solution is easy to use and it will give you a range of data about the high voltage battery, all presented in a easy-to-understand report.

Autocom AVILOO will be available soon.
More information will come. Stay tuned!

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CHARGER - already a fully charged success

With only a few months in the market, the battery support units Autocom CHARGER have received a very warm welcome. It is obvious that vehicle workshops like them and that the units do the job expected from them in a satisfying way. "We knew it was a good product, but we didn´t expect this level of sales at this early stage" says Tomas Ahlqvist, Team Leader Sales Department, Autocom.

You need one of these whenever you need to keep the battery level stabilised at diagnostic work, software downloads, in vehicle showrooms and other occasions. You can also use them to charge the vehicle batteries.

Autocom CHARGER is available in two different sizes and areas of use. One for 12V, and one for 6-24V.

Read more about CHARGER

trucks iveco truck.jpg

Pretty much the only one accessing security locked IVECO data

The possibility to access security locked IVECO-vehicles was implemented in Release 2023.20 in November, making Autocom software pretty much the only independent diagnostic solution that can, and are allowed by the manufacturer to do this.

IVECO was the first heavy commercial vehicle brand that we close an agreement with regarding this. The data access is an add-on to our diagnostic software TRUCKS and/or CARS.

To get access to the security locked IVECO data, you need an account on our User Management Portal and then add IVECO to your account. The access to the locked IVECO data comes with a cost. Read more about Secure Gateway and the User Management Portal by clicking the button here below.

Read more about Secure Gateway

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