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Power Down of the high voltage system now available

The possibility to power down (and up) the high voltage system for several electric vehicles is now included in our CARS software. This is a crucial function for the repair and service of some systems on electrical vehicles.

Electric vehicles are increasingly common. This means that vehicle workshops will face more and more of these vehicles, to do service and repair jobs. It is in many cases crucial for the workshop to be able to power down the high voltage system in the cars. Otherwise it will not be possible to access and do jobs on some systems. When the job is done, the mechanic also need to power up the high voltage system again for the car to work.

For independent workshops that use multibrand diagnostic tools this is a challenge. In many cases they need d to get the car in question to the OEM workshop instead. This means loss of time and loss of income. But with Autocom this job can now be done by anyone!

The power down function is included in the CARS software release "2023.00". First out are models from Cupra, Škoda and Volkswagen. More will be added in the coming release.

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New record times for the System Scan

The scan function is probably the most basic but also most important part of our diagnostic software. That is why we have put some extra focus to it, making it faster and faster.

If you run a System Scan on a vehicle, you check all the electrical controlled systems in the vehicle. You do not have to make a list of manual choices. You save time and you can let the software do its job and in a short while, present a result of all the fault codes in the vehicle. Or maybe, there are no fault codes. Nevertheless, you have made a full diagnostic check of the vehicle in a very smooth and effortless way.

The Autocom CARS diagnostic software has always been rather quick when it comes to scanning the systems. But why settle for "good"  when you can have "better"?

Here are some examples of how long it takes to make a full scan with the new Release 2023.00 compared to Release 2021.10:
BMW 320, 2014 has gone from 02:04 to 01:35
Volvo V90, 2020 has gone from 04:05 to 03:18
Volkswagen Golf, 2016 was 02:29 but is now 01:07

These are just some examples. In some cases the improvement were just a few seconds and nothing to brag about. But in roughly 75% of the randomly tested vehicles, there was a significant improvement of the time.

Cutting the System Scan times is an ongoing work and users with a valid software license will experience more improvements in the coming releases.

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