A world full of data creates the businesses of the future.

AUTOCOM offers access in a unique database of raw data from a pool of

automakers, passenger, commercial vehicle models together with busses

and trailers.

Specifically selected vehicle data is delivered to AUTOCOM's users within 

a friendly environment.

A fully accomplished mission by giving the possibilities and the means to our

users to troubleshoot a huge amount of different vehicle models with our

comprehensive database of raw data, make all of us in AUTOCOM proud 

of our products and services.

Although AUTOCOM has achieved to offer integration together with high quality

diagnostic solutions which already used by a really high amount of happy professionals

in the automotive sector, hard work is still going on in order to reveal new, edge products

and services compatible to the mobility of the future.

Possibilities with AUTOCOM are limitless.  

Three more reasons to join AUTOCOM diagnostics

Only original AUTOCOM equipment is synonymous with reliability and safety

Η επιχείρηση VENPd automotive

αντιπροσωπεύει και διανέμει ανταλλακτικά αυτοκινήτων, διαγνωστικά εργαλεία οχημάτων και συστήματα οροφής για μεταφορά αντικειμένων.

Εκπονεί και εφαρμόζει ολοκληρωμένες λύσεις συντήρησης και επισκευής οχημάτων.

Who we are:

VENPd's automotive mission is to distribute automotive spare parts, diagnostic tools and roof rails .

We also elaborate and apply vehicle maintenance and repair plans with the cooperation of approved repairers.  

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