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Ο νέος τρόπος για αποτελεσματική και αξιόπιστη εκτίμηση κατάστασης μεταχειρισμένων οχημάτων.


-Ολική σάρωση, εντοπισμός αποθηκευμένων βλάβες(DTC) και μηδενισμός

-Τήρηση τιμών ορίων εκπομπών καυσαερίων(EOBD)

-Παράνομη παραποίηση οργάνου διανυθέντων χιλιομέτρων

-Κατανάλωση καυσίμου(OBFCM)

-Αναγώριση οχήματος και έλεγχος συμβατότητας μονάδων και εξαρτημάτων

Η εφαρμογή cloud Autocom AIR λειτουργεί σε περιβάλλον Android και είναι διαθέσιμη στο Google Play.

Στην τιμή περιλαμβάνεται: Διαγνωστικός εξοπλισμός Autocom ICON AIR 1 τεμάχιο και ετήσια άδεια χρήσης, 12 μήνες χρονικά υπολογισμένοι ξεκινώντας από την ημερομηνία ενεργοποίησης άδειας χρήσης έκδοσης AIR.


Elevate Your Dealership Experience with AIR: The Ultimate Tool for Used Cars and LCVs!

Transform the way you do business with AIR – the indispensable companion for used car and LCV dealerships. Engineered to streamline your operations and enhance customer satisfaction, AIR is your key to unlocking unparalleled efficiency and trust in every transaction.

Experience peace of mind with AIR's advanced capabilities tailored specifically for the pre-owned vehicle market. Detect tampered odometers with precision, scan systems for potential issues, and decode elusive DTCs with ease – ensuring transparency and integrity with every vehicle assessment.

But that's just the beginning – AIR goes above and beyond to meet regulatory standards and environmental responsibilities. Conduct EOBD tests effortlessly, complying seamlessly with OBFCM regulations, and showcase your commitment to sustainability to your customers.

Empower your team with AIR's user-friendly interface, simplifying vehicle identification, comprehensive testing, and report generation. Seamlessly save and print detailed reports, giving your customers the clarity and confidence they deserve.

In the competitive world of used car and LVC sales, AIR is your secret weapon. Elevate your dealership's reputation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction with AIR – the ultimate tool for success. Transform your business today!

With your purchase, you'll receive the diagnostic VCI ICON AIR and a full year license of AIR software, starting from the date of activation and valid for the next twelve months. One ICON VCI is included in the price.

The AIR is a cloud based android app and available in Google Play.


SKU: W072063306
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