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Our solutions consist by our harware and the software, the combination 

of those two create high-tech, user-friendly and reliable solutions developed for vehicle workshops, vehicle inspection companies, vehicle fleet owners, salvage organisations, Police, armed forces and schools.


Our user-friendly and professional vehicle diagnostics solutions with the intelligent CARS, TRUCKS, GENERIC software and AIR android app are used alongside CDP+ and ICON in workshops and on vehicle inspections all around the world


Info System is a highly effective and cost-effective information system from HaynesPro®, developed for professional workshops. The system includes a comprehensive technical database based on OEM documentation and it is the perfect option for CARS and TRUCK software.


This mobile product solution is specifically designed for the calibration of the assistance system on trucks, busses and van ADAS systems. The corresponding reference targets allows all work to be carried out on-the-spot within

the customer premises.


ADAS Cars Calibration is a mobile product solution for the calibration of cars. The equipment is ideal for glass and repair workshops.


Do you need to stabilise the vehicle’s battery while performing diagnostic readouts or software downloads? Do you want to guarantee the performance of the battery and the vehicle’s on-board electronics in a vehicle showroom or at an exhibition?

We’ve got you. Autocom CHARGER will solve all that, and more!

Vehicles today are highly technological and the battery needs to work hard. In order for the battery to perform as it should, it needs to be charged. A well-functioning battery charger is a good investment for your business. It is an easy, flexible and safe insurance that the vehicle always starts.

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Check high voltage batteries on electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Ultimate solution to check the status of the battery on electric vehicles, certified by TUV and CARA.

Autocom product portfolio

After sales support and training schedules are on for the whole range of AUTOCOM products 

Experience the cutting edge vehicle diagnostics within a safe environment
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