The Set Includes Two(2) Mini Fuses Each Kind, Eight(8) Fuses All Together.
a)Mini-Flat Fuse 15A, Pale Blue, Original Codes:G.M.90542151, HYUNDAI/KIA 9187038060, OPEL 6238286, PORSCHE/SEAT/SKODA/VW/AUDI N10261507.
b)Mini-Flat Fuse 30A, Green, Original Codes:G.M.12092075, HYUNDAI/KIA 9187038090, OPEL 1238295.
c)Mini-Flat Fuse 10A, Red, Original Codes:G.M.90542150, OPEL 6238285.
d)Mini-Flat Fuse 5A, Brown, Original Codes:G.M.09196441, OPEL/VAUXHALL 6238299



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